• LNKF #47: dr doctor, md

    Saturday 26 November 2022, 9:00pm at BATS Theatre

    Mo and Ralph


    Mamaeroa Munn and Ralph Hilaga

    Twice Removed

    Aristarkh Tikhonov and Jeremy Palmer

    Les Sads

    Gab Raz and Felix Olohan

  • LNKF #46: The Queen's Jubbly

    Saturday 8 October 2022, 9:00pm at BATS Theatre

    Dr Doctor, MD

    Aaron Douglas and Megan Connolly

    Torben & Zed


    Torben Klausen & Zed Moore

    Puppets Behaving Badly

    Kitty Parker & Sara-Jane Pole

  • The Queen's Jubbly


    Dianne Pulham and Malcolm Morrison

    Royce & Shandy's Celebrity Bingo

    Jennifer O'Sullivan and Greg Ellis

    Avena Tremens

    Laura Tremaine

  • Awkward


    Kathryn Fitzpatrick and Clare Rose


    Gab Raz and Felix Olohan

    Family of Four

    Dylan Hutton, Zöe Christall, Anna Barker, Daniel Nodder

  • Widow on a Boat


    Alayne Dick and Tara McEntee

    Liar Lyre!

    Megan Connolly and Nina Hogg

    Wild Wild World

    Matt Powell

  • The Warped Story Godmothers

    Ali Little and Kitty Parker 

    Go Big or Go Home

    Jennifer O'Sullivan and Ben Jardine



    Malcolm Morrison 

  • LNKF #41: Pudgy Mediocre White Men

    So Good Friends

    Matt Powell & Liz Butler

    Letitia Lickkit


    Amy Atkins

    Here's The Sing

    Malcolm Morrison, Ben Zolno and Wiremu Tuhiwai

  • 1001 Cloud Ovids

    Lyndon Hood & Oliver Probert

    Witches Bitches

    Talia Carlisle & Emma Maguire

    Pudgy Mediocre White Men Solve Your Problems


    Austin Harrison and Dylan Hutton

  • Brothers and Sons


    Liz Butler and Ben Jardine


    Cordelia Black and Susan Williams

    Planet Sandwich

    Matt Powell and Steve Violich

  • Hero's Journey

    Ben Zolno and Wiremu Tuhiwai



    Nina Hogg and Megan Connolly

    Songs About You

    Oliver Probert

  • LNKF #37: The Gesture Jesters

    Vance Fontaine's Not-So-Standard Standards

    Greg Ellis

    The Wildlings

    Bethany Miller, Katrina Rumble



    Geoff Simmons, Alina Huff

  • The Gesture Jesters


    Pája Neuhöferová and Liz Butler

    Unemployed Aftermath

    Tristram Domican and Megan Connolly

    Minister for Everything

    Neil Miller, Geoff Simmons, Sophie Simons

  • LNKF #35: Bitch Boy and the Crystals

    Maximum Benefit


    Ben Jardine and Max Porozny

    Role for Initiative

    Campbell Wright

    Emz & Dubs

    Wiremu Tuhiwai and Malcolm Morrison

  • Singlings

    Matt Hutton, Bethany Miller, Ben Zolno

    Bitch Boy and the Crystals


    Alex Barron, Tara McEntee

    Cast of Thousands

    Susan Williams

  • LNKF #33: The Museum of This Morning

    Horse Power

    Aaron Pyke


    Clare Kerrison and Lyndon Hood

    Rom Comrades


    Pippa Drakeford, Nina Hogg, and Matt Powell

  • The Museum of This Morning


    Jim Fishwick

    Not Archetypical

    Susan Williams and Sophie Simons

    Emz & Dubz

    Wiremu Tuhiwai and Malcolm Morrison

  • LNKF #31: Wonderland

    Dads On The Town, Yo

    Greg Ellis and Steven Youngblood

    Hall Monitors


    Liz Butler, Amelia Cartwright, Ben Jardine and Slaine McKenzie

    Midful Dreadnight

    Oliver Probert and David Bowers-Mason

  • Countdown

    Wiremu Tuhiwai, Liz Butler, Ben Zolno



    Jennifer O'Sullivan

    The Ravening

    Ali Little, Brenton Hodgson

  • Electroccentricity

    Bethany Miller & Malcolm Morrison

    System of a Clown

    Lyndon Hood & Cordelia Black

    Dads On The Town, Yo


    Steven Youngblood & Greg Ellis

  • Two Snakes


    Matt Powell & Tara McEntee

    Sparkling Trio

    Nicola Pauling, Kate Whitaker, Mary Little


    Lyndon Hood

  • LNKF #27: The History Boy (Random Stage Special!)

    Doom & Bloom & Liz


    Liz Butler, Brendan "Monty" West & Ben Zolno

    Gin & Tonic

    Jennifer O'Sullivan & Christine Brooks

    Glengarry Glen Ross is Joel's Favourite Film

    Joel Luscombe & Tristram Domican

  • LNKF #26: Country Goat Big Band

    The History Boy


    Matt Powell

    Team Exit

    Clare Kerrison, George Fenn

    Adult Angst

    Duncan Ballinger, Jonathan Mandeno, Liz Butler

  • The Adventures of Sam

    Campbell Wright

    Goat Country Big Band


    Ali Little, Lyndon Hood, Greg Ellis

    Bertolt Betch

    Nina Hogg, Rhaz Solomon and Finn O'Brien)

  • LNKF #24: Your Body: You're Choice!

    Magnus Steele


    Austin Harrison

    Cain & Ngarimu

    Lyndon Hood & Wiremu Tuhiwai

    Joseph Campbell's Soup

    George Fenn

  • Your Body: You're Choice!


    Tara Swadi and Matt Powell

    Nibbles & Bones

    Christine Brooks and Joshua O'Connor

    It Almost Never Happens

    Ali Little and Brenton Hodgson

  • LNKF #22: Greg Ellis's Sour Half-Hour

    Saturday 15 December 2018, 9pm at Scruffy Bunny

    Cynthia & Cynthia: A Stand Up Odyssey

    Anna MacLean and Lesa MacLeod-Whiting

    Objective Bystanders

    Tristram Domican, Duncan Ballinger, and Olivia Wills

    Lesbian Lovers


    Sarah Kirwin and Michelle Marlowe

  • LNKF #21: Mad Flatters

    Saturday 10 November 2018, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Goat Coffee

    Ali Little and Lyndon Hood

    Greg Ellis's Sour Quarter-Hour


    Matt Powell and Greg Ellis

    Two Guys Doing A Woosh

    Joel Luscombe and Tristram Domican

  • LNKF #20: Snaggle Tooth

    Saturday 13 October 2018, 9pm at BATS Theatre


    Lyndon Hood

    Tūī and Kākā

    Cordelia Black and Bethany Miller

    Mad Flatters


    Austin Harrison, Campbell Wright, Maddie Osbourne

  • LNKF #19: Awkward Meet Cute

    8 September 2018, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    The Reminiscent Adolescents

    Nina Hogg, Jasmine Bryham and Morgan Delaney

    Head Rot Philly Checkers

    Simon Henner and Finn O'Brien

    Snaggle Tooth


    Cailin Neal and James Smith

  • LNKF #18: Natural Born Chillers

    11 August 2018, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Fiery Females


    Anna MacLean and Lesa MacLeod-Whiting

    Tūī and Kākā

    Cordelia Ann Black and Bethany Miller

    Double Bill

    Jennifer O'Sullivan and Matt Powell

  • LNKF #17: Dads On The Town, Yo

    7 July 2018, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Natural Born Chillers


    Mary Little, Wiremu Tuhiwai, Barry Miskimmin

    Goat Coffee

    Lyndon Hood & Ali Little

    Kerrison & Kerwin

    Clare Kerrison & Sarah Kerwin

  • LNKF #16: Three Great Broads

    Organic Pro Deuce

    Matt Powell and Dianne Pulham

    Will Liam Eat Green Eggs and Ham

    Will Harrison and Liam Kelly

    Dads On The Town, Yo


    Steven Youngblood and Adam Williamson

  • LNKF #15: A November To Remember

    11 November 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Tiny Danger

    Matt Powell, Alayne Dick

    Dads On The Town, Yo

    Greg Ellis, Steven Youngblood

    Lesbian Lovers


    Michelle Marlowe, Sarah Kirwin

  • LNKF #14: NZIF Special

    14 October 2017, 9pm at The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, Part of the NZ Improv Festival

    Michelle Flores (Christchurch)


    Rik Brown (Melbourne)

    Abby Howells (Dunedin)

    Steven Lyons (Auckland)

    Jennifer O'Sullivan (Wellington)

    Trubie-Dylan Smith (Dunedin)

    Derek Flores (Christchurch)


    Gabby Anderson (Wellington)

    Amanda Buckley (Melbourne)

  • LNKF #13: Shakin' Things Up

    9 September 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Gonna Break Stuff

    Jennifer O'Sullivan, Steven Youngblood

    Kirwin & Brooks

    Christine Brooks, Sarah Kirwin

    50 First Dates But Without Adam Sandler


    Aaron Pyke

  • LNKF #12: You're The Star Productions

    Scratch Night: Teams Made on the Night
    12 August 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre


    Dianne Pulham

    Lyndon Hood

    Sam Irwin


    Lesa MacLeod-Whiting

    Mary Little

    Isaac Thomas

  • LNKF #11: Poles Apart

    15 July 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Youth Ray

    Matt Powell

    Talk Talk

    Anna MacLean, Christopher Ong, Christine Brooks

    You're the Star Productions


    Wiremu Tuhiwai, Oliver Probert

  • LNKF #10: Infernal Recall

    10 June 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre


    Matt Hutton, Dianne Pulham, James Smith

    Hush Money

    Janaye Henry, Christine Brooks

    Poles Apart


    Kate Wilson, Geoff Simmons

  • LNKF #9: Two Dope Teens

    8 April 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Deep Space Sound System

    Lyndon Hood, Darryn Woods, Keith Grant

    Infernal Recall


    Clare Kerrison

    Wright and Wrong

    Campbell Wright, Austin Harrison

  • LNKF #8: Moll Olio

    11 March 2017, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    The Family Engineers

    Joel Luscombe, Tim Croft, Dianne Pulham, Mary Little, Matt Hutton

    The Shawn Show

    Shawn Hoult

    Two Dope Teens


    Aaron Pyke, Alayne Dick

  • LNKF #7: Gin & Tonic

    10 December 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Beyond Human

    Cordelia Black, Brenton Hodgson and Ali Little

    National Average


    Matt Powell, Jonny Potts


    Lyndon Hood

  • LNKF #6: Sparkling Trio

    12 November 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Gin & Tonic


    Christine Brooks, Jennifer O'Sullivan

    Harriet Hughes, Improv Ingénue

    Harriet Hughes, ?

    The Civil Disruption Cypher

    George Fenn, Sam Irwin, Janaye Henry

  • LNKF #5: National Average

    15 October 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Sparkling Trio


    Kate Wilson, Nicola Pauling, Mary Little

    Tokyo Daioh

    Sanjay Parbhu, Hayley Webster, Severin Gourley

    Capture the Flag

    Laura Berkemeyer, Harriet Hughes, Barney Olson

  • LNKF #4: Meet Cute

    10 September 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Maple & Marmite

    Shawn Hoult, Jessica Brien

    Two Girls, No Script

    Stevie Hancox-Monk, Maddy Warren

    National Average


    Matt Powell, Jonny Potts

  • LNKF #3: The Gauntlet

    13 August 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Sparkling Duet

    Kate Wilson, Mary Little

    Meet Cute


    Clare Kerrison, Andrew Strano

    Hoot Crowd

    Wiremu Tuhiwai, Steven Youngblood

  • LNKF #2: Improvites

    16 July 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    The Gauntlet


    George Fenn, Liam Kelly, Austin Harrison, Jed Davies

    Evil Conclusions

    Ali Little, Hedy Manders, Brenton Hodgson, Sam Jarman


    Josephine Byrnes, Maria Williams, Alayne Dick

  • LNKF #1: It Starts

    11 June 2016, 9pm at BATS Theatre

    Siberian Tigers

    Clare Kerrison, Dianne Pulham


    Lyndon Hood



    Jonny Paul, Ryan Knighton, Pippa Drakeford, Sam Irwin